About Me

I’m an Armenian-American real estate photographer, based in the greater Los Angeles area. I specialize in residential real estate interiors, exteriors and aerial photography. When I’m not shooting, I’m either playing ice hockey, cycling or enjoying the wonderful hiking and off-road trails around Southern California.

My journey in photography began at California State University Northridge with a black and white film photography class. Never did I imagine the impact a single elective would have on the rest of my life. I enjoyed the introduction so much, I continued studying the subject and was soon at the top of my class. After getting my degree in Cinema and Television Arts, I started working full time in post-production, while doing studio photography in my spare time.

A few years after purchasing my first property in 2015, I became fascinated with real estate and its value as one of the most secure investment vessels. I began to explore photographic opportunities in real estate and earned my California Real Estate Salesperson’s license to supplement my knowledge. I gained insight into the level of competition agents experience and the reason professional photographs are an integral part of successful real estate listings; not just to sell properties, but to advertise agents to future clients.

I was still working full time in post-production, managing two departments. This was exciting, but it kept me from doing what I loved. I left a successful job in post-production to make my own career taking amazing pictures of homes and I’ve never been more excited about what I do!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your next listing, please get in touch via email or the contact form on this page.